jeudi 24 mars 2011

TWEET ART. A new dynamic in art creation and communication

We have known the Correspondence School of Art of Ray Johnson, the postal art, the pills from the Fischer Pharmacy Inc., the artist’s stamps, graffiti and posters on the walls, imaginary signalizations in the streets, tags, and now we try a new way: the tweet art on the web and in the social media. Not limiting us to 140 characters or SMS, we create and diffuse small images, provocative icons and pictograms, which may question art, politics and ethics. Of course, as one may say: l tweet, therefore l am, giving echo to the euphoric tweet of the birds who enjoy life and son. There may be a joyful entertainment with tweet art. But we may also consider it as a new step in sociological art, with its critic attitude and interrogative aesthetics*.
Hervé Fischer
*Art and marginal communication, Balland, Paris, 1974

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