mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Video: Collective Kick "Art Postal" Crowd Painting by Hervé Fischer (English)

Post your Mark first! Participative "Art Postal" by artist-philosopher Hervé Fischer, founder of the Sociological Art movement

What is the "Art Postal" movement?

In the 60’ Ray Johnson launched the «New York Correspondence School of Art». Exchanging ordinary objects like bus tickets, small drawings, cuts of collages or words to other artists, including his friends Andy Warhol, Dick Higgins, John Cage, Jasper Johns, and to many unknown people, he thus developed a large art network by using the traditional post. It was Mail Art, as a part of Fluxus art. I used it a lot in my sociological art practice and published a book collecting artist’s stamps: «Art and Marginal Communication» (Balland, Paris, 1974). As a pioneer of Web art since 1984, l came to the idea of Digital Art Postal, the internet being much more powerful than traditional post, and more extensive than any museum exhibition, allowing me to connect and exchange directly with a larger audience about my work on today’s world, values and challenges.

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