jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Art, Life, Philosophy

Art, Life, Philosophy, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 92 cm, 2014

Starting from the Black Square on a White Background painted by Malevich in 1915 to its multiplication in today’s barcodes Quick Response, we have to admit that images are less changing than their social. Malevich thus invented almost simultaneously with Kandinsky the abstract painting. Later, in 1920, he changed the meaning of this painting, declaring that he announced with it the death of painting. Splendid paradoxes! Reactivating today this pattern of black squares on white background, l say again that even if everything has been made in painting, as many repeat scornfully, this is not the pigment, nor the composition which make a painting exist, but the social meaning which we give to it.

Those who will scan this painting with their smart phone will read that l celebrate Art, Life, Philosophy. But l also start destroying this QR barcodes to reaffirm too, that art, life and philosophy always escape finally any reductive  system.

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