mercredi 21 avril 2021

An old exchange with Rod Summers

 Quick story,


I have had a mouse attack in my archive, nothing too serious. They chewed at several of my old copies of Fandangos and another work by Raul Marroquin.  They had a little nibble at the box containing a work that Robert Filliou gave me when he visited and they attacked just the packaging of a plastic envelope where I had stored the mock-ups and one copy of the first two books I made whilst I was a student at the Jan van Eyck Academy back in 1974.  I was looking through one of them ‘MAIL PROJECT’  and saw that you participated in it… way back then… It is a square book with a RED cover.I had no idea we had been in contact for so long!  You were living in Paris back then.


I caught 4 mice in traps, then put down two Ultra Sonic devices that supposedly drive rodents crazy, drive rodents away, and which seem to have put an  end to my mouse problem!


And this seems to be the end of my story!-)


Happy Tuesday afternoon Hervé